Submit a dispute against a domain name holder

Sometimes parties disagree about who has the rights to a .nz domain name, or about associated domains added to an existing domain name. These disagreements are called disputes. 

You can use our Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) for these types of disputes. You may submit a dispute to us online. We can help you resolve your dispute directly, or with mediation or determination.

This page has a short video to explain about the DRS.

How the Dispute Resolution Service works
Explore how to submit and resolve a dispute.
How to submit a dispute, a response, and a reply

Our dispute resolution process involves three communications: a dispute, a response, and a reply.

How mediation works

In mediation, the parties speak for themselves and negotiate a resolution with help from a neutral expert called a mediator. We offer a free mediation service for disputes.

How does determination work

Expert determination means a qualified expert advises on resolving a dispute over who should be the registrant of a domain name. See how these experts support resolving a dispute.

How appeal works

If, after a dispute, either party is not satisfied with an expert decision, they can appeal the decision. Learn about the appeal process and how it works.

Submit a dispute

If you are ready to start a dispute, the first step is to submit your dispute to us. Submit your dispute using our online form.


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